Equitas IT Solutions provides high quality information technology solutions to a range of clients across the UK. Through efficient use of free and open source software and specialising in VCS and SME organisations.

Founded on the principles of fairness, quality and freedom, the aim is to help you realise the true benefit and potential of your IT systems and make your IT work for you.

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Simplest way to find data rows within a date range

08 Dec 2016 at 13.14 admin

In most database coding there will come a time when you need to find rows of data based upon whether one or more date fields within each row falls within Read on...

More about Equitas IT Solutions

Equitas IT Solutions exists to permit me, Ryan Cartwright to operate as a freelance web designer and developer. Although I have offered such services on an ad-hoc basis for some years, it has only been done under the name of Equitas since mid 2008.

I am also a columnist for Free Software Magazine, writing articles, blog and drawing the Bizarre Cathedral cartoon.

Fairness, quality, freedom: it's what Equitas is about.


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Featured work

Web development

GM Photographsare a husband and wife team who are "passionate about photography, family and life".

Screenshot of GM Photographs website

Their website needed something striking with a mix of a contemporary and professional styling. Based upon Wordpress using a custom-made theme combined with custom javascript and Imageflow plugins the site is designed to show off the amazing photographs without getting in the way.

Need us to do something similar (or different) for you?

Simple Intranet groupware

Our two groupware products RyansIOB and RyansEDS are designed to help staff at smaller organisations keep abreast of each other's whereabouts.

screenshot of RyansEDS

The former replicates a typical in/out board on an Intranet, staff can simply indicate whether they are in or out and add return times and comments. Searching, departments and one-click status changes are standard features. The latter provides simple calendaring for smaller offices and teams.

Both are fully customisable in terms of appearance, require no back-end database software and easily slot into corporate Intranets. See the relevant pages under the products section or click the links below for more details. Of course both are free software as well.

Web development

The Paella & Tapas Company specialises in high quality Spanish cuisine. They had been steadily growing as a small business for some time but needed to move things to the next level. We designed, developed and host their website for them. We also advised on the structure and style for the site. They wanted a clean and stylish look which was professional but not corporate and reflected their passion for Spanish food.

Image of P&T website

We used CMSMadeSimple which is both powerful and simple to use. This means they can keep their site up-to-date as and when they need to and not sacrifice the features they need. The site is fully accessible and adheres to open web standards so it's available to the widest possible audience.

Since the site launch, orders have steadily come in and they like being able to point enquirers at the site for things like menu choice.

Need us to do something similar (or different) for you?

Web development

Keswalls are an established and successful fishing tackle shop in east London. They recently revolutionised their online presence with a new eCommerce site through Equitas IT Solutions.

screenshot of Keswalls websiteThe site has been built using the popular (and excellent) Zen Cart free software e-commerce solution. A customised version of one of the many free designs has been deploted to give it a fresh and modern look. The rollout to the new site involved integration with online payment gateways, migrating two sites (with varying function) into a single one, relocatin the whole thing to a new server (including the mailserver) and handling all the associated DNS migration to ensure customers could always use the site and orders were not lost.

It was important that the site permitted the Keswalls team to manage online orders efficiently without sacrificing the friendly and knowledgeable reputation they have rightly earned over the years.

All of the above was achieved with the minimum of fuss and no downtime. The orders are now rolling in!

If you are into (or looking to get into) angling, have a look at Keswalls.